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Entrepreneurship and Mental Well-being (Entre-MWB)

Entrepreneurship and Mental Well-being (Entre-MWB)

An Erasmus Plus VET Project number: KA202-0C73A9C4

Duration: 2020-09-01 – 2022-08-31

Development of practical and reflective learning material that supports and promotes Mental Well-Being (MWB) amongst entrepreneurs of Europe.

The purpose:

of the project is to address the concerning effect that entrepreneurship has on the mental health of entrepreneurs across Europe;

Project objectives:

1. Engage with entrepreneurs to identify the key areas where support is needed for the maintenance of mental health and work-life balance;

2. Identify European good practice and implement best and proactive practices of mental health support supported by published case study materials for disseminate to a range of target groups;

3. Assess effective approaches to ensure health and well-being that are practised in Europe and publish such findings throughout Europe;

4. Deliver training and awareness programmes covering all aspects of mental health and well-being to support new entrepreneurs;

5. Publish case study materials, teaching cases, training materials, fact sheets that support the mental health and well being of entrepreneurs to ensure 24/7 access.


  • Applicant and co-ordinator: PBB Ltd/ UK

  • Mediasphere/ UK

  • Stichting Avans/ NL

  • Odisee/ BE

  • University College Leuven & Limberg/ BE

  • Instituto de Empreenddorismo Social (IES), Cascais/ PT

  • AMB/ LT

  • Businet/ BE

  • Nordic EdTech/ EE

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